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I'm so happy and grateful to be sharing my life and music with you! A few of the highlights for me so far this year have been performing many memorable concerts with Orchestra Iowa (including Prokofiev's Classical Symphony, Prokofiev 5, Mahler 3 and Turandot); being featured on Drew Morton and Dan Padley's ambient album 'Across the Particle Fields'; offering career advice through the NFA Career & Artistic Development Committee as well as being a part of the panel discussion at Marina Piccinini's International Masterclass in Miami, FL.

I'm also excited to have recently released sheet music for In Sterio's first album, 'Frequency' with original works written by Erica Peel for two flutes and electronic backtrack. After countless requests, they are finally published and available for purchase! Click here to check it out. :) 


Shivhan Dohse Morton


"You are a piccolo genius. You're so solid" - Principal Oboe, Orchestra Iowa


Upcoming Performances

It's been an exciting year thus far, and I can't wait to share more music with you. Check out my calendar to see if there is an upcoming event located near you. With deepest gratitude. <3


Life is Music. Life is Energy. Life is Art.

Remember to breathe, listen and follow your heart.

Always believe and just know you're the one person that can make your life incredible. Be-(you)-tiful.

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I love seeing other people happy and succeeding. Life is a journey, not a competition. Check out the photos and videos from the journey I've shared with others. 


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